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The main practice centre is in Grimsby on the North Lincolnshire coast. We also run two branch practices for consultations only at Immingham and Caistor. Our vet practice, which is small animal only, is based in a massive old Victorian house in the conservation area of the town, with extensive on-site parking for both clients and staff. The majority of our clients have been with us for many years and consider our family atmosphere and personal, friendly consulting style to be one which inspires their trust in the treatment of their pets.

We don’t have any targets for vaccination, worming, flea treatment and dentals, we just provide high-quality and professional veterinary information and let the client decide what is bets for their pet and their budget. We think that’s the least stressful way to go about these things, for both our clients and for us.


Whether you’re the proud owner of a loyal pup or cuddly kitten, a parrot or a bearded dragon, doing all you can to keep your pets happy and healthy at all times is sure to be your biggest priority.

Finding a veterinary clinic you can trust to give your pets the treatment they deserve can therefore seem challenging, but at Abbey Vet Centre we go above and beyond to put our patients and their owners at ease at all times.

Our veterinary surgeons and nurses run a long-established, fully-independent, first-opinion and referral veterinary practice in Grimsby with two branch surgeries in nearby Immingham and Caistor.

We understand that all owners want the best possible treatment for their pet, which is why we pride ourselves on pursuing accurate diagnoses and offering exceptional in-house diagnostic facilities.

As a result, many other veterinary practices from all over the East of England refer their most difficult cases to us for diagnosis and treatment.  We have even had people come from as far away as London to take advantage of our advanced facilities.

For local vets you can rely on, look no further than Grimsby’s Abbey Vet Centre. Contact our friendly team to book an appointment by calling one of the numbers below during office hours.

Grimsby Branch


We have completely separate dog, cat, exotic, isolation and theatre wards equipped with brand new stainless steel and composite cages and kennels in a wide range of sizes so that your pet will be comfortable whatever its size or condition.  Whether you have a St Bernard or Siamese, a rat, a corn snake or a parrot, we have the appropriate accommodation for it to be comfortable and happy during its stay here.

There are more than fifty hospital kennels in our wards, so hospitalisation and intensive investigation plus appropriate medical and post-surgical nursing is never a problem here. The extensive accommodation means that it is very easy for a pet to be admitted and examined at length and case-conferenced with other vets if the veterinary surgeon who is in charge of the case wishes to do so.

We have separate dental, soft tissue and orthopaedic operating theatres to ensure that appropriate levels of asepsis are maintained for all our surgical patients.  As a result, we have an excellent record of achieving complication-free post-operative recovery.

Our advanced imaging facilities (hospital-standard Digital Radiography, Ultrasonography, CT and MRI) enable us to provide ‘start of the art’ diagnoses whatever the problem with which a patient arrives.

Support facilities include bronchoscopy, endoscopy, electrocardiography and an extensive laboratory, which means we can provide you with test results in hours rather than days.

The qualified hydrotherapists in our hydrotherapy unit, which includes both a hydrotherapy pool and treadmill, are helping many of our patients regain the spring in their step as well as giving healthy pets a lovely swimming experience for exercise and fitness.

Outside normal consulting hours, our own vets and nurses provide our 24-hour emergency service, so we always have access to the patient’s full medical history in order to provide the best possible care. We have nurses on duty on the premises 24/7 to ensure that in-patient nursing is maintained when we stop routine consulting for the day. This means that patients can be checked and given medication if necessary at any time of the day or night, but we must point out that this is only done when the veterinary surgeon considers it necessary for clinical reasons. It does not mean that somebody is sitting with a patient continuously unless the veterinary surgeon has specified that this should happen. If it is important to you that your pet is accompanied at all times while hospitalised, please discuss this in detail with the veterinary surgeon before you agree to have your pet hospitalised.

If you have to bring your pet to us out of hours, you will see the same people you know and trust, rather than having to travel fifty miles with a sick pet to see a stranger who knows nothing about you or your pet.


The Abbey Veterinary Centre has a permanent team of eleven veterinary surgeons.  Many of our vets either hold or are working towards advanced post-graduate qualifications which enable them to diagnose and treat patients with complex conditions, both medical and surgical.  We encourage our younger vets to achieve these qualifications at an early stage of their careers, and we pay all the costs of their courses.

The experience of our senior vets means that the practice provides excellent veterinary support for recent or relatively recent graduates.  All vets rotate equally through wards, consultations and theatre and we actively encourage all veterinary staff towards competence in all fields.

We have a long-established nursing team of around twenty five qualified and student nurses.  We value veterinary nursing skills; our nurses perform all lab investigations (blood sampling, spectrophotometry, preparing blood smears, urinalysis including dry preparations), all radiography, electrocardiography and a variety of nurse consultations (e.g. puppy health checks, second vaccinations, repeat long term injections, post operative check ups, dietary and behavioral advice).

Our veterinary nurses maintain and monitor anesthesia in the operating theatres and, where possible, we encourage them to perform Schedule 3 surgical procedures. This makes full use of nurse training and allows veterinary surgeons to concentrate on interpreting data rather than having to personally perform all the routine investigative procedures themselves.

We like to think that the practice has a happy and relaxed working atmosphere. We consider everyone to be part of the team and to be integral to our reputation and success.

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2 Augusta Street,
DN34 4TA

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Mon - Fri : 8:00 - 19:30

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Millbrook House,
Hersey Road,
Caistor, LN7 6RG

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Mon - Fri : 9:00 - 19:00

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33 Pelham Road,
DN40 1AA

Opening Times

Mon - Fri : 8:30 - 18:30

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