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Medical Health Screening

With the technology available in our in-house laboratory we offer clients same day health screening and diagnoses of a wide range of disease conditions:

  • General health screening to check liver and kidney function, blood sugar levels, levels of total protein (albumin, globulin), cholesterol etc.
  • Haematology to look for anaemia and check the body’s response to infections
  • Electrolytes: the blood ion levels. These have to be correct for muscles to function effectively
  • Hormone assays: checking for an underactive/overactive thyroid gland, diagnosing Cushing’s disease, checking bile acid levels to treat liver conditions more effectively.
  • Urine screening: chemical testing, specific gravity, microscopy to look for the formation of bladder stones and crystals, infections, inflammations and tumours
  • Hair and skin microscopy: for the diagnosis of skin mite infections and ringworm

We also carry out blood testing to check the effectiveness of treatments for hormone problems (see above) and epilepsy.

For animals with allergic skin disease and eczema which is not well controlled with medication we also test for the exact allergens involved and set up a programme of hypo-sensitisation to control the irritation more effectively.

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