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Computed Tomography (CT)

Our recently installed CT scanner enables us to offer a complete imaging and reporting service, including Iomeron contrast studies when indicated. CT is very ‘patient friendly’ because it offers a faster investigation than other imaging techniques so is particularly suitable for elderly or frail patients for whom a prolonged period of sedation poses an increased risk. It provides rapid gold standard cancer screening and allows us to perform excellent pre-surgical planning on complex cases.


  • Skull Trauma (road traffic accidents etc.)
  • Fractures involving complex joints (elbow, hock , ‘wrist’)
  • Elbow disease in growing dogs
  • Shoulder disease in growing dogs
  • Congenital urinary tract disease (e.g. ectopic ureter, incontinence)
  • Cancer screening for spread in chest and abdomen
  • Lung and chest wall tumours
  • Complex bone and soft tissue tumour surgical planning
  • Pancreatic tumours
  • Congenital liver abnormalities (e.g. Portosystemic shunt)

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