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What Our Staff Think About Working Here


I have worked at the Abbey Veterinary Centre since September 2017 - my first job as a veterinary surgeon. I attended many interviews in the month I visited Augusta Street for the first time. During my interview with Jacqueline, it seemed clear I would be offered the necessary support required for me to become a well-rounded vet. I was clear about my passion being in the field of surgery. I was impressed by Jacqueline's apparent willingness to train me up to a level that I could be performing stifle surgery for cruciate ligament rupture, fracture fixation, complex urinary diversion procedures, spinal surgery to name a few random examples. I would be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical at the time, but I trusted what was said and it was this that made me decide to work here when the offer was made.

It was all true. One of the things I value most in life (not just in veterinary medicine) is honesty and you would never lack that here. It's part of the brickwork - and a part you would have to embody. I am preparing for exams for a surgery certificate - several of my colleagues are doing the same in other disciplines. We all understand being a new(er) graduate vet is scary but many of us have been through it not too long ago and we know what it's like and there is ALWAYS someone to discuss clinical (or non-clinical) problems with working here. We're all a little wacky in our own way but it's a great team and we get on well, even when the heat comes on. I feel I can trust everyone - that is why I am still here.

It's hard work - no point hiding that. It's also fulfilling work, allowing me to see the real improvement I am often able to make to the lives of my patients and their owners'. I feel it's the kind of work I trained for.

I am happy to make myself available for anyone who wants a chat about work/life here.


I graduated from University of Cambridge in July 2018 and started working at Abbey Vets later that year and I have been here ever since. I still remember when I was offered the position at Abbey Vets as a fresh graduate, I asked myself “Is this a scam? This is too good to be true.” Matter of fact is that this is the best way I could have started my career.

Abbey Vets is what I would call a comprehensive (small animals) veterinary practice. We have the facilities to do complete workup of almost any discipline. Admittedly we do not have scintigraphy, fluoroscopy, and nuclear medicine but if you dream big, maybe one day we will have them. From day one of working here I was exposed to the whole package of veterinary medicine, rather than the increasingly compartmentalised version of it. Being able to help an animal, from start to finish, is one of the biggest job satisfactions for me.

Personally, I do not subscribe to the belief that a post graduate scheme prepares you to become a better veterinarian. There is no amount of box ticking exercise that would prepare you for your first caesarean, no number of lunchtime CPDs that would prepare you for your first ultrasound and no amount of scheduled reviews that would tell you “I would not do that if I were you” before it was too late.

“Support” is currently a buzzword within the veterinary profession. Every new grad is looking for it but for some reason few seem to know how to provide them. For Abbey Vets, support is that help is there when you need them, or when we think you need them. Simply put, there is always someone that you can ask if you are unsure about anything.

I like to think that Abbey Vets is a mad family, and we are here to build and maintain what we think veterinary medicine should be, even though the remainder of the profession seem to think referring every second case and handing an interesting Addisonian Crisis case to an out-of-hours provider is a good idea. I genuinely love working here, and if you want to perhaps try what it means to be a real vet, talk to us and apply.


I joined the Abbey Veterinary Centre as a new graduate veterinary surgeon one year ago. Working in a busy practice with such a varied case load has been excellent in allowing me to develop my knowledge and skills. I have loved and very much appreciated being part of such a big and friendly team where there is always lots of support when needed. Outside of work everyone has been very welcoming and sociable, making moving to a completely new area much easier.


I am the newest vet to start working at the Abbey Vet Centre. I have been here for 4 months already and it feels like last week that I started. There is so much to learn and so many good people to learn from that these months don’t feel like such.

I have witnessed very good communication between the team of vets and nurses, and I have always had backup and received advice if needed. All of them are helping everyone build up the confidence needed to do this job properly.

I sincerely believe the need to admire the people you learn from and since the first day I was delighted to see how much experience and knowledge my colleagues had and that they were willing to pass on to me. They will help you find what you like most, educate you in that interest, and help you succeed in what you thought you might not be able to do.

As someone who works in a language different to my mother tongue, and comes from a different culture, I have felt included and people have understood the challenging situation.

I´m still getting started and there is much more to discover from this place, but it has given me a lot already and I'm looking forward to working many more years at Abbey.

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